Safe Pay Services  
About Us

1992 saw the start of what would eventually become Safe Pay Services’ premier healthcare merchant processing services. At the time, we dedicated our efforts to processing paper-based payments and installment plans. Then, in 1996, we propelled our model into the electronic age using the ACH clearinghouse, the Federal Reserve System, and large international credit card processors. The progress made enabled us to successfully transact credit card processing for healthcare providers.

Eighteen years later, leveraging the convenience and ubiquity of the Internet, Safe Pay Services continues to lead the field by offering secure, customized payment processing for all clients and their customers. We offer the best for healthcare cash flows: solutions that are smart, convenient, and sensibly priced.

Safe Pay Services remains committed to innovation. In order to better secure web-based payment processing, we’ve made keeping pace with industry demands and new technological standards a fundamental priority. Our 90 percent collection rate for customer installment programs attests to Safe Pay Services’ core competency for online payment processing. If you’re seeking collection reduction thru recurring bill pay, we can help.

SecurityMetrics Credit Card Safe - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard